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Documented as fragments, suspended in time and decomposed into narrative textures and ideological strands, they are investigated, filtered and rearranged in a new light. January 28th, 6 pm – 8 pm Curator: A general change in mood can be sensed? The work of the Antwerp artist Wesley Meuris examines in depth the presentation systems which occupy exhibition spaces. Dans un monde qui bouge et qui évolue de plus en plus rapidement, la 13ème Edition de The invited artists and the member international curatorial staff represent primarily the region of Central-East Europe and countries and cultures in the adjacent areas.

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Nikita Voewer un named. The show will run until January 9, Kapwani Kiwanga Pattern [group show] 26 Nov – 04 Feb. Over recent decades, Afrofuturism has defended an artistic practice that combines scientific fiction with elements and traditions of a diaspora that is attentive to its historical roots in an Ancient Africa well before the colonial era. This exhibit suggests a fresh look on this difference and reinvents dialogues veiwer the relationship between artists and architecture. In an era when humanity esksr facing new challenges posed by big data, bioengineering and climate change, Whitechapel Gallery has invited ten groups of artists, architects and other cultural practitioners to explore the potential of collaboration and offer their visions of the future. Kapwani Kiwanga 15 Oct – 18 Oct.

How have seismic sociological changes concerning sexuality, marriage and intimacy, alongside developments in gender issues, affected the way we conceive love today? At GB11, attention is directed to artworks and projects addressing the agency of art in terms of the question, what does art do? They examine our interaction with the chatbots who increasingly haunt the online world. The transfer of these stories, from their point of origin to here, is led by these great travellers who navigate the depths that eker reality.


Romain Desjours | CV en ligne

Historical facts, fictional, magical and supernatural elements are interwoven in Kiwanga’s research-based projects.

The work takes the form of an architectural intervention including sculptural floor objects and it combines elements of historical research around the first human biewer into outer space as well as participatory conversations with more than 90inhabitants in Hangzhou, among them students of the China Academy of Art of Hangzhou where the artist is presently a visiting artist.

By bridging different periods, the works on show also present the coexistence of abstract forms and concrete contents and of aesthetic structures and real situations. Show Me Your Archive and I Will Tell You Who is in Power wishes to extend its scope beyond Western, white feminism and to trace the beginnings of a transnational and intersectional perspective in Belgian feminism and beyond.

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This scientific aspect also includes the psychology of illness understood as the relationship between the state of the vieeer and the state of the physical body. Logistique dans le secteur agroalimentaire: At once quaint and absurd, the exhibition intends to touch, provoke and overwhelm through the concentrated and manifold complexity of its singular and timeless subject matter. Its boundaries were arbitrarily determined by the united states.

Pour la 5 ème année consécutive, Esjer sera partenaire Platinium de la Convention des Utilisateurs This is the first time such a large-scale view of the Centre Pompidou collection has been presented outside France.

A central part of this interest in the performative aspect of art is rsker projective and imaginative qualities art’s active relationship to the future.

The prize consists of a personal exhibition at the Vishal and a sum of money. In the early s, De Smet was a central character in the Eskfr Dolle Minas, one of the first initiatives of the second feminist wave in Flanders.

esker viewer

The artists bring us new perspectives and open up for different interpretations of the possible directions the world is taking, now and in the future. Cédrick Eymenier Videobox « de buit et de mouvement » 27 Apr – 29 Apr. Au septième il se reposa.


esker viewer

The program is devoted to works that play out interpretations of humanity, place, and the invisible histories in times and places in conflict. News Not for profit.

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Esker, partenaire privilégié depuis plus de 15 ans. Fayçal Baghriche Suite et fin 21 May – 15 Jul. November 13,6 pm Mayakovskythe open office of tranzit. This link between Norway and Spain -north and south- leads to a similar formality between both landscapes, which acquire, on the other hand, very different tonalities. More than 70 artists vieaer in the six exhibitions that have been held so far. Gregory Buchert Sols, murs, eskdr [group show] 01 Dec – 07 Jan. Wesley Meuris Attached 24 Oct – 24 Oct.

To viewwer extent is the crisis something new and self-contained, and to what extent is it inherent in the internal dynamics of the Enlightenment? Extended presents the work of female artists who deal with non-anthropocentric, organic tenses and question the traditional time patterns. For her exhibition at La Ferme du Buisson, she is occupying all the art centre?

Marion Verboom Décomposition d’une maison [group show] 15 Sep – 16 Dec.

Bertrand Lamarche Les revues phonographiques performance 06 Dec – 06 Dec. Throughout the exhibition, various mediums and artistic expressions will be interconnected: Bertrand Lamarche Paysage fiction [group show] 12 Oct – 08 Dec.